We are offering full range of cashew kernels including wholes, pieces, and scorched grades. Full specifications of our products are available on request. They are all graded in strict adherence to AFI standards which are attached here for your reference.

Grades offered:

Whole: WW240, WW320, WW450, SW320, SW360, etc.
Pieces: WS, LP, SP, BB, LP “scraped”, etc.
Packaging: 50lbs cartons, vacuum packed or in tins
Container capacity: 15.876/20ft


The cashew tree (botanical name: Anacardium occidentale), native of Brazil, was spread from Brazil by the Portuguese. The Portuguese name for the tree is Cajueiro and for the fruit is Caju. It is now cultivated in all those regions where the climate is warm and humid.

Annually, Vietnam imports more than 1 million metric ton of raw cashew nuts from Africa and Namagro is proud to contribute 2% of the market share. We are now coordinating with our selective, reputable partnership to supply  Raw Cashew Nuts from Burkina Faso, Cote D’Ivoire, Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Nigeria, and Tanzania.